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From big data acquisition surveys to artificial intelligence and system integrations, TTS applies professional expertise and leading-edge technology to solve transportation challenges.


Image by Stephen Dawson
  • Turning Movement Counts

  • Automatic Traffic Counts

  • Parking Surveys

  • Travel Time and OD Surveys

  • Roadside Interviews

  • Household Surveys

  • Transportation Modeling Data Collection

Transportation data counts and analytics

Image by John Barkiple
  • Civil Works Contracting

  • Electrical Contracting

  • Systems Integration

  • Field Permitting and Installations

  • Operations and Maintenance

Specialized transportation systems contracting

Image by Clem Onojeghuo
  • Traffic Management

  • Traffic Enforcement

  • Parking Management

Machine learning and
video analytics applications


Image by Christian Wiediger
  • AI and deep learning algorithms

Computer vision software

Image by Ryoji Iwata
  • Enforcement (seatbelts, mobile use)

  • Data Collection

CCTV systems

Image by Stéphane Milot
  • Emergency response

  • Compliance and enforcement

Dash cameras

Image by Daniel Adams
  • Automatic traffic counts

  • Bluetooth/WiFI data sensors

Traffic data acquisition

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